Slice of Life Day 1 – Frrt

Today is the first day of the writing challenge. One of my colleagues asked why I would take on a writing challenge. Why write? I took on this challenge for two reasons:

1. To write everyday and strengthen my own daily writing practice.

2. More importantly, I ask and expect my students to write everyday. Even when they’re tired, defeated, hungry, bored, disengaged, uninterested, angry, cranky or just don’t want to write. I still ask and expect they will put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and write. No excuses. If I expect this of them, why wouldn’t I expect the same for myself?

I’m hoping to focus on what is happening with the writing of my own students in my posts. Ironically enough here I am on Day 1, and we had to skip our Writers Workshop today to accommodate a scheduling change that was out of our control, so my students did not even write today!

However, in Readers Workshop we learned about onomatopoeias. My team teacher gave many examples and then asked for ideas from our students.






My coteacher asked, “What is frrt?”

“A fart. Obviously.”

And this is a slice of my life. Bam!



3 thoughts on “Slice of Life Day 1 – Frrt

  1. Lovely! I love Frrt! Leave it to kids!
    And yes to all the reasons why we write as teachers! It is good to live in our students shoes!
    Happy Writing and Welcome to Slice of Life!


  2. I was drawn to your blog as a tree-lover:). I also started the writing challenge 4 years ago for similar reasons and have found that I now have so many more reasons to write and participate in the March challenge! I wish you a wonderful month of writing and making new friends!


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