Slice of Life Day 2 – To Be Known

Today’s slice is going to be a small slice, since I have parent teacher conferences tonight and am chugging past twelve hours at school. At one of our parent conferences tonight I was explaining to a student’s mother how her son has grown as a writer. I shared that we can visibly see growth in his ability to write long and to write wide. We can also see it in the voice in his writing and the depth of his thinking.

But what I have seen grow the most in this child is his ability to tell his own story through his writing. He has written some beautiful pieces this year about challenges in his family life, celebrations on the football field, and dreams for his future. He is an author, who has discovered how to share himself through a story.

As my student’s mother left the conference, she said to my team teacher and I, “Thank you for knowing him.”

That is one of the highest compliments I have been paid as a teacher. Because, really, isn’t that what all of our students need? To be known.



2 thoughts on “Slice of Life Day 2 – To Be Known

  1. Very Nice! It is a high compliment – as so nice that you shared his growth with such detail with his parent.
    And great that you also took time to write yourself – always hard on conference days. Hang in there!


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