Slice of Life Day 10 – Tired

So this slice of life was to be published on March 10, but it’s now March 12. Sometime in the middle of the night, well after midnight, in the wee hours of March 11, I realized I’d never written my slice of life for the day. Friday afternoon. A long but fulfilling week at home and at work led me to be “bone tired”, as my mom would say, at the end of the day.

My highlight on Friday was watching my son perform a rap solo in his show choir concert. I am constantly amazed that he has the courage to try out, then the courage to perform. His choir performed as part of a high school show choir and talent show event. The high school students were nothing short of awesome after his solo – screaming and hooting and cheering for him. I love kids cheering on other kids.

We were home from the concert a little after 8 PM and I’m sure I was asleep by 8:30 PM. Tired. Slice of Life Day 10 delayed. But truly a slice of life.

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